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Holiday Balance 12:12 & 12:21Shadow/Light Balance

Balance Life 12:12 & 12:21 Winter Solstice  Extended Registration
Balance Life 12:12 & 12:21 Winter Solstice  Extended Registration
Enjoy a group BodyTalk session on finding the balance in life. The good, the bad... the balance. A great way to wrap up the year and also a great way to begin the year, which is the reason for the extended registration :)
Jan 31, 2018, 12:00 p.m.
Location TBD

As the year comes to a close in the holiday bliss (or some may say chaos), I would like to celebrate the balance of 12:12.  This is a place in which new beginnings can launch and we can rejoice in all the experiences gained through the year, some good, and some bad... a balance.

Think of how many things we try and balance. Balancing the bank balance, balancing the food and beverage intake, balancing rest and activity, balancing the emotions, balance work and home, balance of giving and receiving … balancing in every way. The very essence of the word shows us the polarity of our minds because as we strive for balance, we compare and offset the value of one thing or another. So how can we truly ever achieve balance with our minds operating in this comparative, judgemental way?

This “balancing act” began when we were wee tiny beings, in fetal life in fact, as we physiologically balanced our existence with our inner environment. We are geniuses created for balance... let’s figure out how to have balance be our experience.

If you are experiencing stress, there is imbalance. If you are experiencing lack of money, joy, support, there is imbalance. If you are ONLY experiencing joy, happiness, the good things in life, there is imbalance. If you are experiencing disconnect, relationship issues, depression, health issues of any kind, there is imbalance. Join me for a holiday balance adventure and give yourself a gift that will keep on giving in your life.

Exploring the shadow self and the light within is a fantastic way to celebrate the winter solstice! Stop beating yourself up for having negative thoughts, or judging your behaviours or the behaviours of others. The ego has a wonderful way of bringing us so much awareness, can you pause long enough to experience the awareness? 12:21 is a great opportunity to embrace the balance of light and dark as the day is the longest period of darkness before the new light begins. What a great way to end the year!

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