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BodyTalk helps with...

Back Pain
Sleep Issues
Asthma & Allergies
Learning Disabilities
Stroke Recovery
Healing after surgery
Cancer Treatments
Chronic & Acute Illness
Pregnancy & Child Birth
Colds & Flu
Immune System Stregthening
Bladder infections
Chrohns and Colitis
Eating Disorders
Weight issues
Structural Integrity
Menstrual Cramps, PMS
End of Life Transitions



and here is


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With BodyTalk we don't focus on only addressing specific conditions - because that would be too limiting. We have found that BodyTalk has addressed a multitude of problems and dis-eases too numerous to list. Symptoms arise in a client because their system or state of balance is compromised in varying areas of their life. BodyTalk looks at a person as a whole - body, mind and spirit and the focus is to bring that person into a better state of balance so that they can heal on many levels. The key is to be able to see the bigger picture of a health problem and then all of its causative factors become apparent. It is also important to note that any given disease can have a plethora of causative factors, many of which are very different, even for the same disease. So the customized treatment within a BodyTalk session allows for all causative factors to be addressed

no matter what the health problem has been labeled. There are no set recipes for addressing various symptoms unlike most other methods of healing. Each person is treated as an individual with a unique history that has created the set of symptoms they are experiencing. In serious conditions such as cerebral palsy, severe autism, juvenile paralysis, etc., we have found that total recoveries are extremely rare. However, we have also found that most of these cases are not clear-cut in outcomes. The problem lies in the fact that when people are that compromised, every new symptom and development is blamed on the original disability, when this isn't always the case. The trend is to ignore the new problem and focus on helping the patient adapt to the changes. In BodyTalk, we have found that many of the symptoms can be addressed and this can make a very big difference to quality of life and even improve general functioning. The concept of BodyTalk is that it can optimize the health potential of each individual. So many people with disabilities or other health challenges are not living to their potential because they have been "categorized" under a specific disability or disease label. The ability to understand this and to have specific techniques to bring about health optimization is a major asset of the BodyTalk System.

Here is a quick video to relax your nervous system, reduce stress and pain, it's called The Cortices Technique

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