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BodyTalk for Animals



"My 6 year old gelding had been showing signs of discomfort when being ridden for some time.  There were no easily seen symptoms of lameness, but he had trouble picking up his right lead and didn’t seem comfortable at a lope.  We took him for some chiropractic work, which helped but did not resolve the problem.  I called Sherry and asked her to do some BodyTalk on him.  The session was non- invasive and surprisingly relaxing for both the horse and the owner.  The next time I rode him again the lagging symptoms of discomfort were gone and his attitude when being ridden had greatly improved.  Thanks!!!"  N.  Couture

Herd Health


"We had a severe case of mange on our cattle two years in a a row and had been using the recommended dosage of ivomec to eliminate it, but it still persisted.  Sherry did a session on our herd and the problem cleared up and has not returned.  AnimalTalk is great!"  K. G.



"A premature calf born to a first time mother in the cold of winter is hard on any animal.  Now imagine being only 26 pounds when all the other calves in the herd are 60 to 100+ pounds!  This wee one's body was only as big as my size 6 boot and she was deathly cold when my husband brought her in for some AnimalTalk.  he had little hope for such an odd situation.  To his, and my surprise she was standing up the next day!  She received AnimalTalk daily for a week and by the end of the week (still living in the house) she would wald gingerly across the hardwood floor over to the tiled kitchen floor, and with her first step on the traction of the tile she would give a little buck and go check out the pantry where her milk was stored.  What a treat to have her survive.  She was our yard calf, eating all of my flowers but when the rest of the herd was moved to the pasture down below our house, her curiosity and herd instinct led her away.  She is still small, but is out with the cows, being a big girl.  Thanks BodyTalk!"  S.  Gilbert

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