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Land owners are talking too...

Increased Production


"This land has been in the family for only 7 years and has not produced very well.  Being mostly native pasture we did not want to break up what has never been touched so we just re-broke what had once been seeded when the land was first settled.  Still our yeilds were not as good as we hoped.  A PlantTalk session was done and that year was amazing production.  The cattle not only delivered their calves there but they were able to return to graze in early fall.  That is something that was never able to be done before because there was simply not enough left for them to eat.  The year was no better for moisture so I attribute the gain to PlantTalk.  I'm sure the cattle were happy with their bellys full!"  Gilbert

"Higher" Yeilds


"I planted sunflowers and did PlantTalk on only some of them.  The ones that I did PlantTalk grew over 14 feet tall!  The other ones only grew to be around 7 feet tall.  It was amazing!"  C.  Rodgers 

BodyTalk for Plants

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