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BodyTalk Matrix Session for Canada

11:22 am MST

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Today, December 5th, 2022, I am seeing a “Flash Mob” of BodyTalk, to honour our fabulous system created by John and Esther. In true Flash Mob style it will be spontaneous, but go throughout the day. Anyone who feels called to participate can share their activity and their experience on the International BodyTalk Association Facebook page (here) and our Global Village Forum on the IBA website. What is the purpose? To have some fun, inspire each other, connect, heal, grow and create a beautiful wave of energy to carry us into the future of The BodyTalk System.

I invite each of you to contribute in some way to our BodyTalk Flash Mob today. However you are inspired. Tap out your Cortices, or the BodyTalk Access routine, light a candle (a simple act of honouring and acknowledgement), do a BodyTalk session on yourself, on your business, for your local matrix, go into MindScape and invite John in for some inspiration in your business, do a BodyTalk for Animals session or a BodyTalk for Plants session for our matrix, do a BreakThrough session, dance naked in your kitchen (the heart of the home)… whatever inspires you BodyTalk related. Please share your experience, either in a message, an audio or video recording of the matrix session, on the Global Village Forum or our private Facebook group.

As a Senior Instructor I am personally inviting you to a matrix session for Canada…and yes, there may be multiples, which is great to work in tandem and in parallel with each other. The session I am facilitating will occur at 11:22 MST (Calgary, AB).

Taken from the Facebook post on the International BodyTalk Association closed group.

John loved his
time in Canada

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