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Fall into CBP 2021 Exam Study Group Registration Extension
Fall into CBP 2021 Exam Study Group Registration Extension
Oct 27, 2021, 8:00 p.m. MDT
The Comfort of Your Home

As we transition from summer into fall everyone gets back into routines, kids go back to school, some begin to reflect on how our goals for the year are shaping up and what lies ahead to wrap up those goals. 


If one of your desires is to deepen the knowledge of what we learn in BodyTalk Fundamentals then this international study group might just be for you!  What I hear so often from students is the content covered in the Fundamentals class is so vast!  Not only are you learning 23 techniques but you are also making huge paradigm shifts, often into totally foreign concepts, like “The body has an innate ability to heal itself!”  If that’s the case then why are we ever sick?  You also learn what is required to become a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and sometimes the idea of having to achieve a 90% on an exam sends people into all the self doubt talks some of us are so famous for.  What else I have noticed is we fully embrace the four days of the course and get so much personal healing, inspiration and connection, only to leave class, resume our regular life (with a transformational twist) and the knowledge that we learn doesn’t have a chance to deepen into a knowing that supports our day to day lives.  In order for the information to integrate fully we need to train that left brain by memorizing our charts, learning the techniques and their focus so that our right brain can jump on board and get creative in how it all gets applied to our lives, our sessions and potentially our career in a fabulous complimentary healthcare system.  Whether you are learning it for your own self healing, to support family and friends or as a career, it all begins with learning the material and in my experience, writing the Fundamentals Exam changes everything.  We gain the confidence in knowing the material and the connection to the BodyTalk matrix strengthens, sessions become an adventure, unique for each person, each moment supported by the energy of the whole matrix.


I am excited to share with you the support tools I have developed for the BodyTalk Fundamentals Exam that simplifies the learning process into bite sized steps over 10 weeks!!  This has turned into an International Study Group with people joining in to strengthen the IBA Global Village!  These tools are designed to groom your knowledge and deepen your understanding to cultivate your growth and accomplish your own BodyTalk goals, enabling you to contribute to our BodyTalk matrix and global healing.

You will have:
~The Charts broken down into segments in a format that helps you commit the information to your left brain learning. The chart should appear blank and it will systematically fill itself in, enabling you to say the word and then see if you are correct :) It's a bit of a learning game! 
~A summary of each technique you learned in class done in PowerPoint Viewer (works even if you don't have Microsoft PowerPoint)
~Review of the Line of Questioning, samples to correct and a learning game to master the Line of Questioning!
~Review of the Philosophy of BodyTalk
~5 Group BodyTalk sessions to help you overcome any fears of moving forward with your BodyTalk learning, integrating the work, enhancing memory, healing and what ever else may come up for the group. These are done with telephone or online options to participate and will be recorded for those that can't attend the live calls.  Most of the sessions will be done using the basic line of question we learn in Fundamentals, however we do sometimes branch off into the advanced modules and PaRama if needed :)
~Discussion on how to document your 50 case studies/sessions to submit for certification.  You can also submit sample sessions for feedback if you wish.
~Private Facebook CBP Study Support Group to interact, ask questions and team up with study buddies if you desire
~Optional personal distance BodyTalk session with a performance agenda on writing the Fundamentals Exam ($85 CDN including GST)

~And a couple more gems


What our schedule looks like for the 10 weeks:

Oct 6: You will receive the tools to memorize the charts… and it’s more fun than it sounds in the format I designed!  You will also get a survey that allows you to indicate to me your concerns, where you need the most support and also an opportunity to set yourself some BodyTalk goals.

Oct 13 We will have our study group call (participate online or by phone).  All calls are recorded so no one misses out even if our time zones or schedules don’t line up!

Oct 20  The Line of Question review and game will be sent out.  How to document your sessions and what an instructor is looking for in your session notes will be addressed.  We will set up our study buddies and our session  exchanges.  Another survey is sent out so you can stay active in getting your needs met and guide the support you receive

Oct 27:  Our study group call

Nov 3:  Review of Techniques for Permissions, Section 1 & 2, including the concept of each technique, the practitioner’s focus, and hand positions.  You will also receive another survey to  address any concerns around the techniques covered and to update me on the progress you are making and what else you would like to focus on for the remainder of our learning group.

Nov 9:  Our study group call * Tuesday & remember time changed for daylight saving

Nov 17:  Review of the Techniques for Section 4, Other Modalities and Fast Aid. And… you guessed it… another survey!

Nov 22:  Our study group call *Monday

Dec 1:  Review of the Philosophy of BodyTalk (innate wisdom, in the zone, consciousness, caring, respect etc.).  You will receive a document to test yourself on all of the techniques and charts…plus one last survey :)

Dec 8:  Our wrap up study group call

If this is the support you have been searching for click on the registration button above!  

A quick video on the study group 

Join Seminars with Sherry Gilbert on Facebook


Even if you have no desire to become a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner this will help you to integrate the information you learned in the BodyTalk Fundamentals class allowing you to go deeper into your own personal healing and that of your family and friends. 


I have offered this study group several times over the years and it is thanks to past participants that it has been fine tuned into what is offered today!  I appreciate everyone’s feedback to facilitate changes and support the team approach to learning.  Here are some of the comments from past international participants:


“Sherry is a very encouraging teacher and mentor. She has a broad understanding of adult learning and multiple learning modalities. Her games for memorizing the charts and asking procedure are very effective. I'd recommend her study group for anyone seeking to pass the Fundamentals exam on the first try!” ~ Merry


“Thank you Sherry!  This is amazing material. So helpful”


“Great study group.  Sherry did a good job at presenting the information in a supportive clear easy to understand way.  Loved the live group learning.  Great help to get ready for the CBP”


“I was amazed at how easy it was to memorize the charts with the tools you provided.  I thought this was going to be really daunting but the structure facilitated my learning beautifully.”  ~ Valerie


“Sherry, thanks for sharing and putting together this study group. Body talk is so amazing, you think you know what you need to know and then you participate in study groups and classes and the learning is never ending, which is a wonderful thing. Enjoyed everything you offered us. Thanks.” ~ Donna


“You are wonderfully encouraging which I so appreciate.”


“They have been extremely helpful. Have studied more than ever!”


“Love love love!”


Participating in this study group will prepare you to write your Fundamentals Exam with any instructor worldwide and integrate the work of the BodyTalk Fundamentals class to support you ♥


If you have any questions email


Investment is $200 CDN for Study Group only

Monitor Rate is $50 CDN for Study Group

Exam Package: $635 CDN for Study Group, Instructor Exam Fee and a performance agenda session.

More Details on steps to officially become a CBP

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