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Crohns & Colitis


"Diagnosed with Chron's Disease, I left the hospital barely able to walk, still with intense pain and discomfort an unable to take care of myself.  By October 2006 (only 4 months after diagnosis)  I was not only able to care for myself, I could return to a very physically demanding job caring for the elderly in a long term care unit.  Now, one and a half years later, I am symptom free, feeling vitality and energy.  I have been weaned from all medication with the exception of a weekly methatrexate injection (the dosage of which has been cut in half!).

I have become an firm believer in the BodyTalk System and have taken the BodyTalk Access course as well as Fundamentals.  BodyTalk gave me back my life."  K. Ridenour

Balance & Energy


"BodyTalk is amazing!  Who would think talking to one’s body could make such big changes in the way one feels.  For me BodyTalk has given me more balance and a lot more energy.  I can now stay awake through the day and sleep all night without using the washroom or needing a drink of water.  I can enjoy speed walking, as my hip doesn’t hurt each night.  Headaches, what are those anymore? One would wonder, does it make that much difference?  Trust me it does.  Everyone should try one treatment and once you’ve done one you’ll be asking for more.  After my sessions, I just want to sleep and within 48 hours, I feel revitalized.  And all you have to do is lie there.  What other way to feel GREAT!"   Humphrey

Pain & Distance Sesssion


"My sessions are totally relaxing, both during and after.  I notice an increase in energy and awareness; things are really connecting.  I had a distance session from Sherry because we couldn’t meet and I was experiencing some pain.  She told me to lie down and she would call when she was done.  I could feel my body replenishing itself and the pain went away before she called.  I was able to finish painting my living room after the session.  Regular BodyTalk helps reduce the effects of stress in my life and I just generally feel better, my body and my whole self."  B. Gleim

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