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Balance Your Brain
Change Your Life

How often do you find yourself overwhelmed, low on energy, lacking focus, have hormonal imbalances, digestive upsets, sleep issues or suffering physically, mentally or emotionally? There are many issues we can face in our lives and they fluctuate moment to moment.  What if there was a way to reduce the stress and ease the transitions that are required of us throughout our day?


The Cortices Technique is so quick and easy to do!  It pulls our nervous system out of the stress mode that it often gets stuck in and puts us into the peace mode, where healing can happen and things become clear again.  When you tap out your Cortices, think about (when I say think about, I really mean engage all of your 5 senses in this) the left and right sides of your brain beginning to communicate effectively.  There are places that will have decreased connection, circulation and communication, we refer to these as "cold spots". Think about any cold spots in the brain beginning to warm up as all the resources required become readily available!  Did you know that cold spots in the brain mirror symptoms in the body?  So if you have a sore knee, there is a spot in your brain that will reflect that and show as circulation issues of blood and lymph and also issues with nerve communication within that area. 

For those of you that are familiar with the Cortices technique, you will notice an addition!  We are now tapping over the Head, Heart and Gut Brain!  When we tap over the Head, we are asking the brain to have a look at the issues and fix them. Tapping over the Heart is like pushing the send button on an email, every single cell in the body gets the message that this is the priority for balance and it becomes a united front to healing.  The new place we are tapping is over the Enteric Brain or Gut Brain.  We are stimulating the Gut Brain to enhance our body’s ability to discern what is appropriate in our lives, arousing our intuition and getting back to our natural born instincts of how we are naturally meant to operate!  I am excited for the new possibilities with this additional tapping!  Let me know what you think :)


Experience the possibilities in life when you have a balanced brain.  You can do this in the morning, or at night before bed, in the bathroom when that’s your only break because your day is just too busy!  You can do it once a day or ten times a day!  You can’t overdose on a balanced brain :) Check out a short video on how to tap out your cortices and I look forward to your feedback on what you notice.


There is more to learn about Cortices and BodyTalk Access or BodyTalk Fundamentals is just the place to start! Click here for upcoming classes


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