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Distance Session FAQ

How is a Distance BodyTalk session conducted?

You email Sherry your request for a session and submit your consent form and well being form. Sherry will contact you to schedule a time that you can relax and take a few moments just for you. Prior to the very first session Sherry likes to meet over the phone or on Skype, just to get to know you a bit better.  Your session is then done by Sherry tuning in using MindScape and your job is to relax and observe anything that you notice in your body or mind.  Some people are very sensitive and may feel tingling, temperature variations, pressures etc. Your notes will be sent to you in an audio recording as soon as possible and for sure within 24 hours of your session.

What are the benefits of a distance session?

  • Sometimes you do not have a BodyTalk Practitioner in your area so distance sessions overcome geographical separations anywhere in the world.

  • It’s convenient as clients can stay in the comfort of their own homes

  • Kids can receive a session without having the parents fret over them laying still and behaving in the clinic!  (kids in my clinic get to pretty much run the show lol)

  • Emergency situations where there is no time to have a session.  Your body can receive as western medicine is working too.  Truly integrated health care!

What might I notice during my session?

Some people are very sensitive to changes in their body and they may notice:

  • Temperature changes – hot areas or cold areas, depending on what is releasing or connecting

  • Tingling

  • Goosebumps

  • A sense of lightness or heaviness

  • Emotional releases may occur (for example unexplained laughter or tears)

  • Thoughts or memories that seem to appear out of the blue

  • Slight discomfort that dissipates as areas of the body release

  • You may feel tired, which could actually be your body coming into a relaxed state that it isn’t accustomed to being in J

  • You may notice nothing at all!  The session is still working behind the scenes of what you are noticing.

What might I notice after my session?

  • You might notice any of the above

  • You may notice relationships adjusting as you shift and change

  • You may feel slight discomfort in areas that are healing

  • You may have mild symptoms typical for detoxification

  • You may experience sudden disappearance of symptoms or pain

  • Your symptoms may gradually disappear or improve

  • You may feel a sense of vitality, well being, joy and bliss

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