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Celebrate Your MBA!  
MindScape Business Awareness!
Be Your Best in Business: MBA  Extended Registration
Be Your Best in Business: MBA  Extended Registration
Jul 05, 2018, 7:00 p.m.
The Comfort of Your Home
Get your MBA... MindScape Business Awareness! Get in the zone with your business, get inspired and take action to make it the most successful yet! All study material is available online and our meetings are pre-recorded!

Are you using your MindScape workshop to be your best in business?  We can find oodles of left brained logical information on strategies to implement, build a list of goals, build a list of all the things we aren't doing, all the things we aren't doing well and on and on and on!  What if we were to incorporate MindScape and begin to "work in the zone" when it comes to our business?  Remember how focused and successful we become when our left brain logic integrates with our right brain creativity?  Just like the athletes that work in the zone and can perfect their skills, you can too with your business strategies.
Join me for 6 weeks and get your MBA... MindScape Business Awareness!  
In these 6 weeks, we will cover 6 chosen topics that I am often asked about and have honestly struggled in managing in my own businesses.  We operate a cattle ranch, have three kids (one still at home) and I spend a good portion of my time on the road (sometimes in the air!) all across Canada teaching BodyTalk and still try to squeak in some in person clinic days! I don't really know how I would ever manage without MindScape. 
So our hot topics are:
Managing Time
Business Support Network
Attracting Clients
Advertising Adventures
Getting Results
Making Money
Each week there
will be a short discussion about ideas on our topic for the week and then we embark on a MindScape adventure discovering what is under the surface of our desires, inspire new awareness and bring on a call to action! Support yourself to Be Your Best in Business! 


MindScape allows us to explore ideas, obstacles, opportunities and create an action plan to implement!  We will have a short discussion about each topic followed by a MindScape workshop exploration to gather insight and awareness into our business needs... YOUR MBA! Your investment in yourself and your MBA is only $150 Canadian.


The group that comes together will inspire and co-create the opportunities to Be Your Best in Business!  We have a private Facebook group that you can join and interact with current and past participants of the MBA to further support you development.

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