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A Shift in Perspective

Soul's Journey, BodyTalk, Intuition, Healing, Wellness, Empowerment, Alternative Therapy, Complimentary, MindScape, BodyTalk Access, Consciousness, personal development

BodyTalk Sessions​

Enjoy WholeHealthcare created as uniquely as you are!  Listen to your body's priorities to heal and trust your body knows exactly what it needs to do to be in balance.  Distance Sessions too!  To Learn More


BodyTalk for Animals

Animals are unique too and their health is impacted by their environment.  Animals usually respond to the sessions even more dramatically than humans and the humans around them reap the benefits too! More


BodyTalk for Plants

When a plant is healthy, it is naturally more resistant to diseases, drought and insect attacks. PlantTalk has demonstrated amazing results in the health of trees and house plants, and has been shown to increase yields in crops and gardens. More

BodyTalk Fundamentals Seminar​​​​

So much personal healing, diving into the philosophy of BodyTalk, learning techniques and how to apply them, this foundation course allows students to understand what WholeHeathcare truly is. Learn More, Part 2


​MindScape Workshop

In this weekend course you will connect with the inner workings of your mind, which allows us to reveal our highest potential by learning to interpret our intuition... YES, every one

has intuition :) Learn More



BodyTalk Access Course

This one day course teaches you 5 of the basic BodyTalk techniques that can be done in under 10 minutes a day and handle up to 60% of daily health concerns.  Whether you are 4 or 104 years old this course is for you.

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