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Totality Immersion
Totality Immersion
Aug 21, 2017, 11:00 a.m.
Location TBD Somewhere in the Universe

The Session will be recorded for listening at your leisure

Investment in Your Totality $21 CDN

The Solar Eclipse of the Century for North America! 1918 was the last visible total solar eclipse to span the entire USA and it's packing some power! Coming to us in the sign of Leo, the lion, ruler of the Universe, inspiring leadership, creativity and joy. Our inner landscape will transform as our galactal landscape emerges darkness during the light.

The Sun is the representation of the individual ego and the modifications to personality or character. The Moon represents the subconscious feminine aspects of personality, our habits and instincts. We see our ego selves under the light of the sun and our deeper more elusive self under the Moon.

When darkness falls on the Sun, we are inspired to shed our egos and bare our soul. Suddenly our soul, which is only revealed in the darkness of the night, is there for all to see under the light!

This Solar Eclipse is about exposing our true selves and about honoring who we truly are. It is about shedding the masks we have been wearing so we can connect with our true essence.


Leo is calling us to BE BOLD as the New Moon pushes the energy into the ground to plant the seeds of possibility, kissed by the expansiveness of the Fire Element. Uranus (the great awakener), along with Mercury (the intellectual curiosity and thirst for knowledge), Neptune (the arechetype for spiritual growth), Saturn (dispelling fear and instilling self confidence) , Pluto, (transformations and collective power) and Chiron (the wounded healer) are all in retrograde during this total solar eclipse!! Retrograde energy allows us to become more conscious as the planetary energy is turned more inward and becomes more subjective.

In honour of this once in a lifetime galactal event (unless you were born in 1918) , knowing the macrocosmic connection to our individual lives and the incredible energy of all these planets collaborating in retrograde for a reboot.... LET'S DO A BODYTALK SESSION! The feeling of this total solar eclipse has lead a few of us to tune into the concepts taught in John's class "The Soul's Journey - Exploring the Mind and 3 Brains" and the symbolic timing of this eclipse energy.

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