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7 Days to Walk Your Talk

I recently was asked a brilliant question!  How do you integrate the philosophy of BodyTalk into your own daily life?  I had a very quick easy answer that was anything but easy lol.  My daughter recently joined in one of my BodyTalk Fundamentals classes and I asked her what she thought of the first couple of days, her response was "It's pretty much how we live our lives"  So cool to hear!!!  I have pondered how this has become a way of life for us and I have developed a couple of different strategies for folks to integrate the philosophy.  The first one to check out is 7 Days to Walk the Talk that will begin in the New Year January 6-12!  The best part is IT'S FREE! Each day you will be sent an email with a task to bring awareness to an aspect of the philosophy.  If you enjoy it, perhaps you will join me for 67 Days of Awareness Integrated MasterMind coming soon! 

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